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Film Production / Action Directing / Stunt Coordinating

Film Production
While we provide all stunt related services in the US and in Europe, we also specialize in facilitating film productions in Hungary. The last ten years producers have discovered the amazing benefits this country has to offer.

Action Directing
Truly our passion and field of expertise is to direct, set up shots, design and safely execute complex and dangerous action sequences within the allocated budget.(Saracen, Live Evil, Turn, The Cathedral....) Having been around explosions, sliding cars, rearing horses and swinging swords for decades allows us to look at action scenes with a different point of view. Our insight will propel any idea into the spot light with a cohesive finish.

Stunt Coordinating
Our goal is to get the shot the director envisioned. During pre-production, we discuss the action with the director and may offer suggestions. We consider the sequence thoroughly and assess all potential risk and injury factors. Based on our assessment we take full measures to prevent any unwanted injuries without taking away from the performance. Naturally, we prepare and train all actors based on their role, needs and involvement in the action and film.
1450 Entertainment
Rian Bishop is a veteran of the television and film industry having worked as an actor, producer, writer and director. An eight year member of the prestigious Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG), Rian has been featured in such films as “Walk Hard’ with John C. Riley, “The Hammer” with Adam Carolla and television shows such as “Medium” for NBC.

Rian would attend UCLA for training in Unit Production Management under the careful instruction of industry veteran Michael Gallant. Rian’s first working task was to discover ways to save the production budget of the film “The Perfect Game”. Impressed with Rian’s forward thinking and unique approach to the industry, Michael encouraged Rian to form his own production company and push his own projects as opposed to working for someone else.

Along with a group of industry players, Rian formed 1450 Entertainment. A main-stream production company to handle feature films, network television shows and video games. Wanting to maintain creative control in house, Rian also formed Saw-Dog Studios, a music recording and publishing house, as well as Abditive Films, to handle short films and on-line narratives.

To date, collectively, 1450 has over 70 projects on its slate ranging from short films and independent features, to network television pilots and multi-million dollar studio franchises. High profile films such as “Her Vietnam” and the “The Hitman Chronicles” are in development and under consideration while television pilots such as “Nothing in Common” and “The Nam” are in talks with houses at NBC, Universal and Warner Brothers as well as Play Tone.