Busy Day
Set in the present time, Busy Day tells the story of a former underworld enforcer (Attila Arpa) whose life has taken a dramatic turn after he marries and becomes domesticated. After opening a successful bar and fostering dreams of becoming a performing musician, his life is thrown into chaos when deadly ghosts (Tommy Lister, Keith Jardine) from his past begin to resurface.

Slated for release on December 25th.
Tamas Nadas
KRQE Albuquerque
Producer Tamas Nadas speaks with KRQE's Adam Atchison about Busy Day.

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Tamas Nadas on KRQE Albuquerque
Attila Arpa on TV2 Budapest Attila Arpa
TV2 Budapest
Attila Arpa joined the morning team at TV2 Budapest to discuss Busy Day.

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